What we offer

High-quality accounting and strategic financial consulting services on demand.

We are dedicated to make the startup executive’s lives easier. As a CEO, founder, investor or as an executive of startup we understand you are busy. That’s why we take away your need to deal with the day to day hassle of financial and operational tasks and keep you clear to handle your top priority missions of R&D and business development.

We offer a tailored suite of accounting services for startups - from outsourced bookkeeping to fully integrated CFO and outsourced financial department. Need to offload operations? We can help with personal assistant, legal, contracts and more.

Working with us allows you the unique benefit of leveraging our network of venture capitalists, law firms, banks, strategic consultants and other experts in the startup industry.

We take companies from seed and beyond, through growth, globalization and all the way to economic independence.

Our Keys to Your Success

    • A full suite of financial services for startups at all stages. Outsource everything, worry about nothing.
    • Add a CFO to your team and incorporate strategic thinking about financial issues.

    • Modular services so you can take exactly what you need, when you need it.
    • Communicate with one partner in our firm, a single point of contact that keeps the flow of information smooth and on point.
    • Peace of mind beyond finance. We’ll take the load where we can - personal assistant, legal coordination, contract management and operational and administration services- anything to keep you focused on your goals.