our services

Our services are modular, so you can control exactly how much you need and have the flexibility to add or remove services as your company evolves.

CFO Consulting

Our experienced Consulting CFO will function as your fully integrated CFO, without the cost of a full-time employee. You benefit from having a professional CFO on your team helping you think strategically about financial issues. Our CFO can participate in management and board meetings, represent the company in all financial aspects in front of investors, manage your finance department, manage due diligence processes and much more. 


We help you build a level of controls that suits your company and reduces risk of unauthorized transactions, manages cash reserves, budget and much more. 

Financial Reporting

Our customized financial reports as per your needs, keep you hands-on with your financial performance and help you stay at your budget frame. 

On-Line Accounting

Full on-line management of your financial records and digital archive of external financial documentation, creating a solid frame of accounting system that forms a reliable base for your reporting needs.

We also provide you with paperless payroll process, electronic pay slips and on-line attendance system.

Additional services 

  • Personal assistant - our PA will be your right hand and take off all your day to day tasks.
  • Operational and administration services – we will look for the best contracts and engagements of offices, cars, communications and all other operational needs.
  • Payment management – we collect all your suppliers' invoices and execute payments according to the engagement terms.
  • Billing and collection management – we will take care to bill your customers, follow and collect receivables on time.
  • Company Secretary – we ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and ensure that decisions of the board of directors are implemented, we mange your cap-table and maintain all company's legal records.